Saturday, September 4 2010

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Congratulations Melissa and Tim.

What a great couple.  Tonight we were at the Aliso Viejo Country Club. The night went very smooth and the Bride and Groom were very involved from the music planning to the formal events. They wanted to be a part of everything and were very excited in participating and having their guests participate. Melissa thanked me numerous times and Tim was very pleased that he envisioned for his wedding reception came to fruition.  It was such a pleasure to work for them. All the best you two!


Friday, August 27 2010

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Congratulations Kami and Zachary.

What a beautiful day at the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda.   The ceremony was held on the garden lawn while the reception moved indoors into the main ballroom.  It was such a great setting with wonderful decor. The serving staff at the Nixon Library were top notch and all the guests in were in great spirits.

Friday, August 21 2010

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Congratulations Kelly and Malo!

Tonight we were at the French Estates in Orange. What another beautiful evening. What was especially wonderful was the addition of Polynesian dancers for the reception.  But since Orange has a strict noise ordinance, the owner of the French Estates was uneasy about the decibal level of the drums. Oh well…it was a lot of fun to watch.

Saturday, August 9 2010

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Today was a wonderful celebration for a 50th wedding anniversary.  The couple danced to their first dance but what was special was that since the husband was in a wheel chair, his wife sat on his lap as he rolled her across the dance floor. It would be nice to celebrate more 50th wedding anniversaries. I hope these two have set a standard for other couples to follow.

Saturday, July 31 2010

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Congratulations Ashleigh and Jeff.

It was a beautiful day on CATALINA ISLAND. Especially for the month of July, the weather was very cool and not hot at all.  The wedding was held at the Country Club on the island and was a little tricky.  The bride and groom sent me specific music that they wanted to hear. Unfortunately, the cds they burned for me didn’t include the title and artist of the song. I felt bad because they put a lot of time and effort into planning their music and I couldn’t play all of it because I didn’t recognize most of it.

They day turned out wonderfully anyway.

Sunday, July 18 2010

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It’s party time FOCUS Dance Group.  It was time again for the FOCUS dance group of Orange County end of the year celebration.  Last year’s announcer couldn’t make it due to illness so I stood in. It was a little difficult since I didn’t know the girls as well as he did, so one of the dancers gave me a hand interviewing.  It was a lot of fun this year as was last year, however, the same problem arose…not enough time to DANCE!

Tuesday, June 8 2010

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Graduation time for St. Margarets Episcopal School. Back again at Knott’s Berry Farm for the Eighth grade graduation party. It’s amazing how fast time goes, I remember when most of these kids entered the 6th and now they’re leaving. I hope you all do well in High School. Be good!